The Sports Fan’s Guide to Washington DC

Sports, The Sports Fan’s Guide to Washington DC

Get Your Team Spirit On in DC!

There’s nothing that compares to that feeling when your team hits a home run. The crowd goes wild and potato chips fly into the stand as people stand up to cheer. If you love sporting events, there are plenty of places for you to hang out in DC!


If you’re a baseball fan, heading to a Nationals game is definitely a must. If you’re a fan of quality hot dogs, good beer, and grand slams, make sure you head to the next Nats game!

The Nationals are a Major League Baseball team that has been in Washington DC since 1971. The team is the eighth team to make its home in Washington DC.

You’ll usually find the Nationals playing at National Park in the city. It’s a huge outdoor stadium where you can enjoy good food and fun as you watch a sports game. The arena is right near the Navy Yard, so it’s a gorgeous area as well with plenty of vendors to choose from.

Some of the key players in the Nationals include Adam Eaton, Ryan Zimmerman, and Stephen Strasburg. A year ago, the Washington Nationals was proud to be home to Bryce Harper, a right fielder and overall superstar for the MLB. He now has been traded to the Philadelphia Phillies.

With his absence, the current roster is excited to finish off the remainder of the season and looking forward to a successful future with new stars.

Adam Eaton, a right fielder has spoken up about how things need to change for the ball club as a whole. Although the club has been experiencing wins, the players are still holding themselves accountable, which is what you would want to see in any successful franchise.

These guys will knock the ball out of the park, so don’t miss the next game!

For your convenience, our 1600 and Phoenix apartment complexes offer the shortest distance away from Nationals Park. All you need to do is take the green line from U St station and get off at Navy Yard-Ballpark Station.

Sports, The Sports Fan’s Guide to Washington DC


If you’re a basketball fanatic, DC is a great place for a local sense of community and team spirit! DC is home to the Washington Wizards, a franchise that’s been owned by CEO, Ted Leonsis, and senior VP, Tommy Sheppard.

It’s an exciting time for Washington’s basketball franchise. With recent news of the franchise relieving their long-time President, Ernie Grunfeld, the franchise is looking to make some serious changes to their management and overall team trajectory.

As the franchise has struggled in the past to make it to the playoffs this season, future changes in management have given Washington Wizards fans, commonly referred to as “WizKids”, a sense of hope and excitement.

With new management comes the chance of acquiring new key role players and potential superstars from other organizations and adding them to the roster. In the basketball world, one season can be completely different then the following season if the right changes and adjustments are made.

Currently, the Wizards key superstars are John Wall and Bradley Beal.

John Wall, a North Carolina native and point guard for the Wizards, was drafted as the first overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. Known for his quickness and ball-handling abilities, he’s able to not only get his teammates involved but the crowd and fans too. For many years, Wall has been known to be the quickest in the entire NBA roster! When he’s zooming up and down the court to finish a play, there are very few opponents that can keep up with Wall.

Bradley Beal, a shooting guard for the Wizards, is right next to John Wall as his supporting cast. Beal was chosen as the third overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. He’s been a very versatile player for the franchise as he’s able to perform and showcase a wide array of skills. As he’s able to shoot from almost anywhere on the floor or drive to the basket for emphatic slam dunks, he’s an extremely valuable piece for the franchise.

Capital One Arena is home to the Wizards so plan out a visit to a game and you won’t be disappointed. Win or lose, the Wizards are sure to put on a competitive game for their fans enjoyment.

Sports, The Sports Fan’s Guide to Washington DC


If you are not currently keeping up with DC’s hockey team, the Washington Capitals, now is the time to hop on the bandwagon!

Just last year, the Capitals were able to end the long-time drought that DC has been experiencing in the sports world. Although DC is proudly home to many entertaining sports organizations, there are still very few champions.

Led by superstar Alexander Ovechkin, the Capitals proudly brought home a shiny, new Stanley Cup after defeating the Western Conference Champions, the Vegas Golden Knights. Upon their victory, the team celebrated by a parade that started on Constitution Ave. all the way down to 7th St. NW.

Hockey is a sport that has appealed to viewers for its high intensity, fast-paced games. As players skate around at high speeds, bashing into the plastic barriers, it’s sure to stimulate your adrenaline.

Plus, the cool temperatures inside the arena is sure to keep your beverages nice and cool for the duration of the games.

Whichever sporting event is your vice, you can surely find a team to get behind and support in the beautiful city of Washington, DC. The sense of community around our neighborhoods are strongly felt by each individual as we live vicariously through each of our DC athletes, win or loss.

For the Washington Capitals current schedule, visit here and catch the next game at Capital One Arena.

All of our Daro Apartment complexes are conveniently located within an approximate max driving distance of 30 minutes.

Our Phoenix apartments are only a brisk 25-minute walk away from the arena located at 601 F St. NW, Washington, DC. If you want to take the metro, hop on the red line at Gallery Place-Chinatown Station and get off at Dupont Circle Station. Book a stay today!

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