Where to Buy House Plants in DC – a Guide to The 6 Best Plant Shops

Wondering What to Plant? And Where to Find Plants in DC?

Washington DC tends to transform beautifully after daylight savings time ends. In the springtime when the sun is back, and suddenly your DC apartment seems less alive and green than it should be- get some plants.

Even in the summer or wintertime, you should always have plants indoors as they clean the air and overall are excellent for your well-being. If you’re craving for new plants or more houseplants to take care of, check out where to find them below.

Read on for a list of plant possibilities and for information about a few of our favorite nurseries, garden centers, and plant shops in the city.

Types of House Plants to Consider

1. Classic Indoor Plants

Where to Buy House Plants in DC - a Guide to The 6 Best Plant Shops 5

If you’re looking for tried-and-true houseplants that are hard to kill then you probably know about all the old standbys. We’re talking snake plants, jade, ferns, pothos, aloe, peace lilies and more. If you’re just starting out but want to start a real indoor garden, it’s recommended that you buy a few succulents and maybe just one or two sturdy ones. Ones like pothos or snake plants, and see how that works for a season. Almost any of the plant shops you choose to visit should have a large variety of classic house plants to match your style.

Where to Buy House Plants in DC - a Guide to The 6 Best Plant Shops 6

If you want to challenge yourself a bit more without much risk, consider growing some herbs like basil, mint, and lemongrass. These can be a tasty experiment and give you a sense of accomplishment as a chef and gardener.

2. Got The Case for Fakes?

While the idea of displaying a fake plant might not initially appeal to you, hear this out: fake plants can have just as good of an effect on your mood as actual plants. Some of them can look quite real, and there is something to be said for letting them do their thing in the background and never having to worry about watering them, sunning them enough, etc. The drawback? They don’t purify the air as real plants do.

Where to Buy House Plants in DC - a Guide to The 6 Best Plant Shops 7

3. Wild Card Plants

If you have a rooftop, yard, or balcony space you can always try experimenting with some food. Peas, cabbage, turnips, beets, carrots…all of these and more usually grow well in this climate.

Where to Buy House Plants in DC - a Guide to The 6 Best Plant Shops 8

You can also consider wildflowers (those bad boys grow best in full sunlight but also require almost no attention).

If you’re willing to put in some extra time and attention, consider a citrus tree, bonsai plant, or terrarium. These can grow indoors, but in the case of the citrus tree, you might need to consider investing time and money into cleaning the leaves to make sure it doesn’t get eaten up by little mites.

Luckily, there are many arborists at these plant shops located throughout Washington, DC which are listed below that will be able to help you with that and so much more.

6 Plant Shops in DC to Visit

1. Little Leaf

Prices: $$

Little Leaf is less of a garden shop and more of plant boutique. They sell plants, coffee table books about plants, art, and a certain je ne sais quoi. Seriously, located in the ever-fashionable Logan Circle and with a very Instagramable interior they are clearly keyed into a certain lifestyle fix.

Technically, it’s a plant and paper shop you should definitely stop by. Explore the beautifully arranged space and speak with the friendly staff about anything you need, or just to learn more about all the cool plants there.

Where to buy plants in dc

Where is it located? 1401 S St NW (Logan Circle)

2. Ginkgo Gardens

Prices: $

Ginkgo is more than just a place to buy plants. You can go to them for garden/landscape design, consultation, installation, and maintenance, and, of course, buying plants.

You can expect a large warehouse-sized greenhouse filled with trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, herbs and vegetables, pots and seeds. The friendly staff will help you with anything you need.

Best Plant Shops in DC

Where is it located? 911 11th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

3. Capital City Hydroponics

Prices: $

Are you serious about growing plants indoors?

Ask for Chris when you stop by Capital City Hydroponics. He or another member of the knowledgeable staff have made a business out of helping your garden thrive. Customers have said that they even help you find the least expensive solutions.

This is where you can go to find fans, lights, pumps, nutrients, and the plants themselves.

Washington DC Plant Shops

Where is it located? 821 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011

4. Rewild

Price Range: $-$

This little spot is a real gem.

They offer botanical workshops to help you help your plants, sell plants themselves, and can hook you up with one-of-a-kind flower arrangements. Rewild is technically also a florist shop — you can buy floral arrangements and book them for events that need flowers, perhaps even a spring wedding [link to wedding article].

Rewild has a certain quality to it that you don’t often find in many plant shops anymore. When you walk in you don’t feel like you’re in a city, but rather in a down-to-earth plant shop with people who really appreciate the beauty of the earth.

plant shop in DC

Where is it located? 1924 8th St NW Suite #100, Washington, DC 20001

5. Olde City Farm

Price Range: $$

Every garden center in DC has its own niche; little things they do that set them apart from the others. At Olde City Farm you can attend their workshops, peruse their plants, and utilize their landscaping services (they design and implement!) but you can also take advantage of two other special services: event hosting and tree care.

You can host an event (think wedding, baby shower, birthday party) in their lovely gardens! They will decorate for you or leave the space as-is if you want.

They can also hook you up with Nova Arborist, a group of enthusiastic tree specialists who can help survey, preserve, treat, and maintain your trees!

Note: If you plan on visiting this plant shop, check out their Facebook page for updates on their new location as they plan on relocating by the end of 2019.

Where is it located? 925 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001 (this location is currently not open according to Google Maps as of September 2019).

6. Urban Jungle

Price Range: $

Urban Jungle calls itself a boutanique and does a great job of living up to the name. They sell exotic flowers (think carnivorous and tropical) as well as boasting a serious collection of succulents, cacti, and bonsai. They even go so far as to sell everything in magnificently chic potting.

They started off by just selling to florists in the city in 2015, but then their orchids came to be in such high demand that they began to sell straight to individual customers. Rumor has it that their orchid game is still the best in the city.

They also go so far as to offer same-day delivery, so if you forgot to get that gift for your mom for Mother’s Day, they’ve got your back.

This is one of our favorite plant shops in DC for classes and personalized help on taking care of your plants so that your personal garden in Washington, DC can thrive!

plant shops in Washington DC

Where is it located? 1200 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Neighborhood: Thomas Circle

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