The 9 Coolest Washington DC Neighborhoods You Should Apartment Hunt In

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Washington DC is home to almost 700,000 residents and is known for its culture, art scene and, of course, the White House.

And, not only it is the nation’s capital, but home to some incredibly fun neighborhoods. From the trendy Dupont Circle to old-world, charming Foggy Bottom, it’s safe to say that there’s a home for everyone here.

If you’re thinking of making the move to Washington DC, you’ve come to the right place. We’re uncovering the nine coolest Washington DC neighborhoods that you’re going to want to apartment hunt in.

Read on to discover the DC neighborhood that is perfect for you!

Cathedral in Washington, DC

1. Cathedral Heights

Cathedral Heights has a suburban character but without the long commutes. It combines its calming atmosphere with the excitement of nearby amenities. Apartments in Cathedral Heights are typically full of character, yet sizable and perfect for most DC newcomers.

The neighborhood has no shortage of nearby amenities, making true city living seem not so out-of-reach. Here, residents can enjoy quiet, tree-lined streets while living close to all of their daily necessities.

This neighborhood is ideal for anyone who craves a sense of privacy and space, yet still desires the excitement of more urban locales.

Cleveland Park vendors in Washington, DC

2. Cleveland Park

For those looking for a more residential vibe, you may want to head in the direction of Cleveland Park. This sweet spot is nestled in the Northwest quadrant of Washington and home to historical 19th-century architecture.

It’s safe to say that the area is no stranger to excitement. Along Connecticut Avenue, residents can expect eye-catching and energetic eateries and local shops.

Families can look forward to a neighborhood that is wholesome with an overly contagious sense of community.

Columbia heights neighborhood in Washington, DC

3. Columbia Heights

Craving non-stop excitement? Or, how about ditching the car and opting for a more active lifestyle?

Columbia Heights is home to one of Washington’s most coveted areas for entertainment. 14th Street is famous for housing some of the city’s best restaurants, bars and shopping. The entire area can also be accessed on foot and is perfect for those looking to ditch the car and get their daily steps in.

This is the ideal neighborhood for residents who are craving an urban, upbeat lifestyle. Residing here, you can rest assured that you will never feel bored!

The 9 Coolest Washington DC Neighborhoods You Should Apartment Hunt In 4

4. Foggy Bottom

This neighborhood is one of the oldest 18th-century neighborhoods in all of Washington. It’s a hub for social and cultural attractions as well a distinct taste of nature.

This Riverside neighborhood is also home to the John F Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts. This landmark is known for its world-class music, dance and drama events that take place every day.

Foggy Bottom is also a fabulous neighborhood for students and professionals alike due to its proximity to George Washington University and the neighboring hospital.

Taft bridge in Washington, DC

5. Woodley Park

Searching for a place to call home that is outside of the hustle and bustle of the city?

Woodley Park is a small, affluent neighborhood that resides in the Northwest quadrant. This is ideal for anyone that is looking to live an active, outdoor and more reserved lifestyle.

This is the perfect area to call home for anyone looking for a residential neighborhood that is surrounded by nature, attractions like the zoo, and convenient access to public transit.

The 9 Coolest Washington DC Neighborhoods You Should Apartment Hunt In 5

6. Thomas Circle

Thomas Circle is a trendy and residential neighborhood that attracts all kinds of people.

For many, this is thanks to Thomas Circle’s close and convenient proximity to the downtown core. Commuters can enjoy the perks of downtown Washington and come home to the more laid back Thomas Circle.

Residents also enjoy the immediate shops, restaurants, and attractions that are present in Thomas Circle.

The 9 Coolest Washington DC Neighborhoods You Should Apartment Hunt In 6

7. Adams Morgan

Between Woodley Park and fashionable Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan is a lively, fun-to-be area that is home to a fun-loving local community. The streets are alive with bright colors, Whisky bars, and ethnic restaurants.

Here, you can enjoy an area that has a tight-knit, residential feel while also combining the excitement of urban living.

Statue in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC

8. Dupont Circle

Looking for an area that is close to some of Washington’s most famous social and cultural locations?

Dupont Circle has been called Washington’s most trendy neighborhood. Although it’s not considered to be the downtown hub, it often feels like the very center of the city. This is thanks to the lively folks that reside here, the lush parks and some of the city’s finest dining.

Here, you’ll come for brunch and never want to leave.

Neighborhood vendors in Mt. Pleasant, Washington, DC

9. Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is located just above Adams Morgan and has a more low-key, urban feel that its surrounding locales.

Mt Pleasant has a delightfully “up-and-coming” vibe. With the growing number of local businesses, a weekly farmers market, and more, it’s an area that shows great promise for the future.

The “small town” feel combined with the multitude of local businesses allow Mount Pleasant to feel like a welcome getaway outside of the city proper.

Dissecting the Best Washington DC Neighborhoods

If you’re considering moving to Washington DC, you can look forward to an area where new adventures await you at every corner. While Washington DC is most well known for its political associations, it’s also praised for its sports teams, world-class restaurants, and exciting culture.

Better yet, Washington is home to a selection of unique and incredible neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for a community that is bustling and on the brink of downtown or a more peaceful neighborhood with modern townhouses and hip restaurants, you can find it here in Washington.

For more information on Washington and it’s bustling apartment market, be sure to visit our blog!

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